• History of Healthcare Worldwide

    A Global History of Healthcare.

    Healthcare has been around since the beginning of time. In fact, as soon as humans started living in groups and building communities, there was a need for some type of healthcare system to be put into place. The first record we have of a successful treatment with remedies is from Mesopotamia in 3500 BC. As you might expect, the treatments were not very sophisticated or advanced at that point in history!

    Things started to change around the 14th century BC when Egyptians developed a system of diagnosis and treatment.

    The next major development in healthcare came from Hippocrates, who is considered by many to be the father of medicine. He championed natural treatments over ones based on superstition or religion and helped lay the foundation for modern medical practices.


    In medieval times, great strides were made as well with new ideas about how diseases spread and what should be done to stop them. One example was William Harvey’s discovery that blood circulates through our bodies (which we still learn in biology classes today!). As time went on, more discoveries such as penicillin – which has been used since 1943 – have dramatically changed not only health care but all other aspects of human life.

    Better healthcare in some countries has led to a dramatic increase in life expectancy. Today, the average worldwide lifespan is over 70 years old – up from just 35 at the start of 1900!

    Better healthcare also means that worlds population will continue to grow, which will require changes in our society. More inhabitants on this planet will likely lead to more urbanization and resource depletion.

    This is just the start of many changes that will happen as a result of our increased attention on healthcare, but it’s clear that we’re heading in the right direction!