Animal Control

Hornet Protection & More

Do you know why you can see white paint on trees in villages? Well, the main reason why workers put white paint on trenches and stumps is to protect tree from animals. Animals have the habit to find their favorite tree and begin to build a shelter around it. Also, they scratch the tree, not knowing that they actually damage the tree. So, instead of placing traps across the yard, workers tend to pain the tree in white paint that contains protective substance in order to repel pest animals.


In case pest animals are giving you a trouble, you should visit https://pestcontrolchico.com/ and learn how you can easily get rid of pest. These animals can seem cute at the first glimpse, but they are not belonging to your backyard. If you put all your effort into cultivating that one fruit tree, then it would be really sad if raccoon would come and destroy the entire tree, right? On the other hand, apart from having animals that trespass the land, we also have insects that are bigger problem that the animals. Hornets are one of the most dangerous insects to human beings. They can form a nest close to your back or front door, and you cannot get rid of them easily. And the worst part is that you cannot know if you are allergic to hornets unless you get bitten by them.

If you have any type of close interaction with vermin, you should immediately visit the hospital so you can get shot that will give you antibodies.