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Cool Car Gadgets You Should Try

Are you someone who spends a lot of time in your car? If so, you may need something more special than just any regular driver. Even if you are just a car enthusiast and you enjoy technology and upgrading your ride, you may find this article useful.


We are going to start with SCT BDX Tuner, which is a device that will allow you to have the right horsepower and torque needed for different terrain. It’s easily installed and is a great way to track even your engine performance. Many gadgets are also very useful and can make your car ride even more pleasant. One such thing is CarPlay by apple and Android auto. It makes it easy to connect your phone to your car device, and get calls, messages, listen to music and podcasts all handsfree, which improves your safety while driving as well. We all know how women carry so many things with them at all times. If you have this problem, and you want your glasses, phone, and other personal belongings to be close, think about getting a sticky pad for your dashboard, that will keep all your stuff in one place. Aside from the SCT BDX tuner, another pricier yet fully worthy gadget is the front or rear camera. It may sound unnecessary but it provides great help in the dark, or when it’s foggy outside.

Many car gadgets are there to add to your safety, increase the performance of your car, or allow you to have fun while driving. For starters look into some of these, and upgrade your ride easily.