Hot Stone Massage

The Benefits Of A Massage

A type of massage therapy, a hot stone massage has continued to grow in popularity as it has been reported to help relax and ease those tense muscles, including those tissues that have been damaged – not just on your back, but also on different parts of your body.

It works by placing multiple hot stones on certain body parts. The stones used are made up of basalt, which is known for retaining heat and is typically between 130 to 145 degrees in temperature. These stones can be placed along the spine, chest, stomach, palms, face, feet, and toes. The stones can be placed alone, but they can also be placed along with other massage techniques.

Hot Stone Massage

Here are some benefits of a hot stone massage, and why you’d want to try it for yourself:

1. Helps Relieve Muscle Pain

Heat has been used ever since to help relieve muscle pain, and the hot stones aren’t an exception to this. With heat applied to the area, blood flow is increased, which also helps reduce muscle spasms and promote flexibility.

2. Reduces Stress

The American Massage Therapy Association has conducted a study and has mentioned that the act of massage itself helps release stress and reduces anxiety.

3. Promotes Better Sleep Quality

For some people, getting sleep may not be the easiest in the world but a 2006 study has found out that massage techniques, including one that makes use of a hot stone, helps soothe the body and mind, thus, induces sleep and improves the quality of it.

The massage itself helps alleviate pain and promotes relaxation in general – but if you incorporate hot stones, it’s better. If you haven’t tried having a massage with hot stones on your body – then maybe it’s the right time to give it a try and see the results for yourself.