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Why Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Is Vital

An oriental rug represents a significant investment – not only in terms of the money that you will be spending to obtain a luxury rug – but also a time investment in choosing that perfect expression of your individual tastes. For many, an oriental rug is an heirloom – which can be handed down across generations – but in order to ensure that a rug of this type retains its good looks and character, it needs the attention of a professinal who has years of experience in oriental rug cleaning. Just click here to find out more about oriental rug cleaning services.

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Here are some reasons why using an expert like this is essential.

It’s always a good idea to vacuum your oriental rug regularly. However, deeply ingrained dust and dirt cannot be completely removed from the rug using household vacuum equipment. A professional uses specialized equipment to ensure a deep-down clean – which avoids the sometimes abrasive action of ingrained dust and debris that can damage the threads of an oriental rug.

Over the counter chemical rug cleaners can react with the dyes that have been used to give your oriental rug that vibrancy and depth of color that is so attractive. A professional rug cleaner uses time tested cleaning materials that will not cause this problem – and then ‘fluff dry’ the rug so that color bleeding does not occur.

Stains present a more serious problem for oriental rug owners. These require the attention of experts in oriental rug cleaning. Harsh stain removal products can not only damage the dyes used in oriental rug manufacture but in certain instances the threads themselves. The alternative is to use over the counter stain removal products that are more suited for laundry use – and these simply will not get the job done.

If you want to extend the life of your rug and avoid the buckling and shrinkage that are the result of home care then consult an expert on oriental rug cleaning. It’s your guarantee that you will have a rug that will provide another generation with the joy of owning one of the most sought after types of household furnishings in the world.