Secondhand C-Arms

Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Used & Refurbished C-Arms

The decision to buy used & refurbished c-arms these days isn’t new – many facilities and clinics have done it in the past. It’s a great way to significantly save money and still be able to benefit from the benefits of having a c-arm in their facility. The question is, how will you know if you’re buying the right one? Here are some essential key points to remember whenever you’re thinking of considering buying a secondhand c-arm unit:

Buy Used & Refurbished C-Arms

1. Component Life

This matters because this is the heart and life of the equipment. Ask your vendor where the c-arm was last used and how long it has been used. This way, you’ll know how long the unit has been used for, and you’ll have a good idea of how much longer it’ll last. C-arms are durable – and they’re built that way, but you also have to know the usable lifespan that is left on the machine you’re about to purchase.

2. Onboard DICOM

The DICOM feature isn’t built-in on the system. This feature sends images to the server and not all facilities may have used this feature in the past. Today, it is important that you buy used & refurbished c-arms with this capability so you don’t have to find the need to do this yourself.

3. Software Version

What was the last software installed in the machine? Take note that it doesn’t have to be the latest software available – but it should be the latest software compatible with the machine. Ask the manufacturer or check the latest information to find out which software version is best for the type of c-arm machine you’re eyeing to buy.

Buying with a trusted manufacturer used and refurbished c-arm machines may be your best way to get the best deal. Always remember, look for a reputable manufacturer, check reviews, and carefully inspect the features, including the 3 most important factors listed above. You may be saving a lot of money by going down this course, but you can lose some if you make rash decisions, so make sure that you take your time when doing so.